The Process

  • No waxing up to 48 hours before you spray

  • Allow yourself 24 hours after a manicure, pedicure or massage treatment
  • Shave your legs 24 hours before you spray

  • Use a new razor head when shaving

before you


  • When showering use a washcloth with no product. Gently rub to exfoliate

 *shaving and using a washcloth in the same day can over exfoliate the skin. This could result in open pores and an uneven tan.

  • After your shower refrain from lotion, deodorant and perfumes

  • Wear or bring loose fitted clothing

*tight clothing does not allow the tan to breath properly and will result in an uneven tan (examples: leggings, jeans, tight tshirts, sports bras)

  •  the process is quick, so Wear whatever you feel comfortable in

*men are required to wear bottoms


  • Allow tan to completely develop for 8-12 hours

*exception is the express spray

  • Stay completely dry the entire developing time

  • First shower after your tan should be a body shower only, use your hands to get product off the skin

*you will see color go down the drain, that is OK

  • Pat your skin to dry off after shower

  • Moisturizer 1-2x a day

After your spray